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30.09 - 30.04 L,P 12-16

1.05- 31.05 IGA PÄEV 12-16

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About Piusa Visitor Centre

Piusa Caves Visitor Centre houses a museum, seminar room for 50 people, a café and a handicraft room for children. We provide guide services, educational excursions for schools, workshops and seminars.

When accompanied by the guide, you can visit the observation platform at the Museum cave. The Piusa sandstone caves are the result of hand-mining glass sand during 1922–1966. The biggest wintering colony of bats in East Europe is located in the caves.

Ticket includes: examining visitor centre exhibits, watching nature films, guided tour to the closed observation platform of the Museum Cave.


For Visitors


We are open DAILY 12pm to 4pm


We are open Mon to Fri 12pm to 4pm, Sat and Sun 12pm to 17pm


We are open on Sat and Sun 12pm to 4pm 


Ticket                    Price                  Info

Adult                       5€

Discount ticket          4€          seniors, students, pupils over 14 years

Child                       3€         kindergarten groups, pupils 7 to 14 years

Family                    14€        2 adults + children up to 18 years

Guide service        20€/h      In Estonian (thematical tours)

Guide service        30€/h      In English, in Russian, in Finnish, in German or in Swedish                                                    (thematical tours) 

Ticket includes: examining visitor centre exhibits, watching nature films, guided tour to the closed observation platform of the Museum Cave.

NB! The tickets are sold until 30 minutes before closing

NB! The last tour leaves form Visitor Centre 30 minutes before closing


For groups

We kindly ask you to book your visit in advance for groups starting from 20 or more visitors. You can book your visit with e-mail: or +372 5304 4120.

For providing the best possible service to visitors, Piusa Vistor Centre does have the right to apply a waiting period for the unregistered groups.

The guided tour lasts about 30 minutes. The maximum amount of visitors per guide is 50 persons. In case of bigger groups than 50 persons or more you have to order more guides. If the group arrives later than the expected time, Piusa Visitor Centre does have the right to apply a waiting period, for providing the best possible service for the other visitors who are currently at the building.

The teachers are granted to have a free entry with student groups. The ratio per of one teacher per 10 children. The chaperones are required to monitor children's activities during on the area of Piusa Nature Reserve Area to ensure to follow the rules of Piusa Nature Reserve area and Piusa Visitor Centre.

Groups may pay on site or on the basis of an invoice. When group pays with invoice, please bring along a letter of guarantee.



SA Piusa

Phone +372 5304 4120


Piusa village, Võru parish 

Võru county 64122

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